Sleepy Coffee, Too, Inc.’s mission as a non-profit business is to provide on the job industry level training and employment for people with disabilities in an inclusive, self-sustaining cafe workplace.

We want to improve the lives of people with disabilities by reducing the high unemployment rate of people within that community.

We want to create an inclusive space where young people can feel respected, valued and have fun at work and through our “Sleepy Coffee, Too After Hours” social/ recreation program.

We want to create a warm, inclusive gathering place within the greater community to showcase to the world the abilities of these amazing individuals.

We want to help those individuals who can, to move on to competitive employment within our community with our support.



“Sleepy Coffee, Too’s mission is to provide meaningful training and employment for people with disabilities in an inclusive cafe workplace.”

We are a nonprofit 501c3 business.

Sleepy Coffee, Too is a non profit (501c3) business in the form of a coffee shop in our community of Sleepy Hollow, New York. It is founded by Kim Kaczmarek, a special education teacher and Special Olympics coach of 40 years. It will train and employ young people with “differing abilities” and will be a welcoming and inclusive destination for our community and visitors alike.

Along with our business, we will also be offering a program called, Sleepy Coffee, Too After Hours. This program is modeled after a program our founder, Kim Kaczmarek and colleague, Mindy Cohen created at Sleepy Hollow High School called, SHADE (Sleepy Hollow Academy for Disability Education). This highly successful program was a peer mentoring program that recruited, hired and trained neurotypical high school students to mentor students with special needs within the school district in the form of a social/recreation program. The programs were held at a simulated apartment in the community called “Keeping It Real in the Neighborhood”, which Kim and Mindy created as well. Sleepy Coffee, Too After Hours will feature young people over the age of 21 coming together in our cafe after hours to enjoy social and recreational activities such as movies, art, cooking, dance parties and guest speakers.